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Taking you to Woodstock with It


Taking Woodstock is a creation of Ang Lee,No more words are needed to summarize this Movie.The movie takes you through the Festival itself but unlike the 1969 documentary Woodstock,the movie does not revolve around the festival itself but rather around the guy who made it all happen,Elliot Tiber a.k.a. Elliot Teichberg,The Bethel chamber of commerce president who persuaded Woodstock Ventures to come to Bethel for the Festival when they got kicked out of  Wallkill.

The movie revolves around Elliot and his miserly Jewish mom and his Dad who has to put up with her.The movie focuses on the individual That Elliot is in the backdrop of Woodstock. Demetri Martin plays Elliot,Imelda Staunton plays his miserly Semite mother, Liev Schreiber plays the role of an Ex-Marine, Transgender role perfectly, Jonathan Groff plays Micheal Lang and also resembles him too and Eugene Levy as Max Yasgur literally lives the role complete with the glasses.

To the world Woodstock was a Music Festival and a lot of other things but to Elliot it is where he discovers himself,Through the course of the festival accompanied by an Acid Trip Woodstock changes Elliot’s life forever.


The Beaver in all of Us


The Beaver, stretches beyond the level of a Walter Black’s(Mel Gibson) individual psychological torment into one that each one of us share.Our own fears of looking into our past and finding things we don’t like is quite the struggle the protagonist faces in the movie.

The Brit accent The Beaver puts on is quite funny to listen to,Jodie foster as the wife and the Director of the movie does justice to both.Anton Yelchin as the son fulfills the role of the Troubled teenager, Riley Thomas as the younger son,too young to understand the seriousness of a family and finally Jennifer Lawrence as Anton’s love interest and as a teen unable to cope up with her own brothers death blends in the role perfectly.

The Beaver who begins as a puppet and the last resort in the life of man whose got nothing to lose and turns into an individual itself with a mind of its own.The depressed individual that Walter is forces  him into accepting the Beaver as a necessary evil.The movie emphasizes on how fragile a family is and at the same time and that when a member of the family starts talking to a puppet, Rip that Puppet.