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Who was The Third Man


The Third Man,a 1949 British movie directed by Carol Reed is nothing short of a mystery thriller. The screenplay is by the one and only Graham Greene who also wrote a book of the same name from the script.

The movie begins with Holly Martins an American Western writer who comes to Vienna to meet his friend Harry lime to find that he has passed away and the mysteries that surround his death force Holly to stay in Vienna to investigate the events that lead to his passing with the help of Harry’s girlfriend Anna.

The plot that begins on a simple scale later elevates to that of a mystery through the course of the movie.The plot is well kept under wraps and revealed only after an hour into the movie.A classic none the less,The Third Man is a story of Love,Betrayal and Murder.

Joseph Cotten stars as Holly Martins and Alida Valli as Anna.Orson Welles makes the most brilliant entrance in the movie.Trevor Howard plays Major Calloway a British army officer who aids Holly in uncovering the mystery.

The Climax is a Fitting one combined with its twists and turns.The movie is completely shot with an aura of mystery in it.The long dark alleys and the subtle music adds to the suspense.There is not a heavy presence of people in the movie but manages to maintain that feeling of loneliness in the city,Vienna’s dark color is brought out through the movie and reminds the viewer of a ghost town rather than the musical town that Vienna is known to be.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

It is a classic par Excellence and stands as a testimony to Orson Welles acting prowess.